Julia Roberts’ 16-year-old daughter looks just like her mother

Julia Roberts is considered one of the most beautiful actresses. Since 2002 she has been married to Denis Moder. They have 3 children — 2 sons and a daughter Hazel.

Julia is already 54. But looking at her, it is not possible to guess her age at all. She likes to devote more time to family and hobbies. But the feeling is that soon Hazel may eclipse her mom.

She is now 16 years old. As she gets older, she’s sure to get more and more beautiful.

Hazel was born on November 28, 2004. For a very long time Julia didn’t tell anything about the girl. She didn’t want the baby to be attacked by journalists and fans. Although some times the baby did end up in the photos. People noted that the girl was growing a real beauty — she has blonde hair, blue eyes, and pleasant facial features.

At first the girl resembled her dad more, but gradually she began to look like her mother, too. She had a flat nose with slightly wide nostrils, high set eyebrows, and huge eyes. The girl also has an interesting feature — she resembles Scarlett Johansson.

Julia is not trying to make her popular. She believes that her daughter should choose an ordinary profession. So far, Hazel has not yet had a chance to try her hand at modeling or acting, although she has had two small roles.

Probably, Hazel will not be the representative of the golden youth, who uses the money and influence of parents to succeed. And she won’t need that kind of help either.

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