“Simple Hollywood Mom”: Jennifer Lawrence With a One-Year-Old Son And Husband Were Captured By The Paparazzi!

Jennifer Lawrence went for a walk with her one-year-old son Cy. The actress appeared in a cozy way.

The Oscar winner became a mother in February last year. The star gave birth to a son. Jennifer enjoys motherhood: she tries to devote all her free time to raising a baby.

This time, the actress and her husband went for a walk with Sai. Jennifer was carrying the baby in a stroller, the boy looked at the streets of the city with curiosity.

The Hollywood diva dressed in a comfortable outfit for a leisurely family walk.

She wore oversized sweater and loose flared jeans. Jennifer styled her curls in small waves and did not forget about sunglasses: it was sunny in New York.

The young mother walked, talking sweetly with her baby son and husband.

They look to be a nice family, don’t they?

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