They just spoiled themselves: Photos of stars whose career faded away after plastic surgery

Many of us dream of changing some feature in our appearance, believing that this will help us finally love ourselves. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. After the first plastic, as practice shows, the second follows, and then the third and fourth. To the surprise of women, plastic surgery not only doesn’t contribute to self-esteem, but also completely deprives us of individuality. Here are some pictures of star beauties, whose career just faded away after unsuccessful plastic surgeries.

Mickey Rourke

Donatella Versace

Jennifer Gray

Vera Alentova

Tori Spelling

Courtney Love

Emmanuelle Beart

Lara Flynn Boyle

Cindy Rome

It is interesting to know your opinion about these celebs who changed themselves completely. Do they look more lovable now? .

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