12 Years Ago They Were Called The World’s Most Beautiful Twins – Now Look At Them

The “most beautiful twins in the world” have more than 1.8 million followers presently!
The fortunate mother of the two stunning daughters, Jaqi Clements, told BuzzFeed that the girls’ Instagram account instantly gained popularity once it was set up.

They were given the moniker “beautiful” when they were born.

“Within six months, they had amassed close to 150,000 fans. The Daily Mail published a piece about them at that time, she was cited as saying.
Their account quickly gained over a million followers, and it now has 1.8 million, with a rapid growth rate.

“For Ava and Leah, the past year has been incredibly enjoyable and thrilling. The girls have had an incredible journey thus far, whether it be exclusive shopping outings, gifts from international brands, or taking selfies with fans. Of course, the friends they’ve met along the way are what matter most to them, she stated earlier this year.

Every mother wants the best for her kids, and Clements does everything in her power to ensure that her kids succeed academically and have pleasure, as children should in general for their overall wellbeing.
“I arrange any employment they request through Instagram for the weekends or immediately following school so they won’t have to miss any classes. There is a teacher on set to assist them with their schoolwork if they secure a job via their agency, she said.

The females must travel two hours to Los Angeles for work every day.
“If they only work for a few hours, sometimes I’ll surprise them and plan lunch or dinner or even just a fun little outing with one of their friends up in LA,” she allegedly added. “On days they aren’t working, they go to school and then usually go to swim practice, dance class, or play outside with their friends in the neighborhood,” she continued.

The girls’ mother realized she had to sign the girls with a modeling agency when they became 7 years old.
The Daily Star quoted Jaqi as saying, “Aside from the fact that I’m a huge believer in signs and have heard from almost everyone that 7 is a lucky number, I just had a feeling that this year was going to be a fun and exciting year for them.”

Every mother counts herself fortunate to have a kid, but when God blessed these two tiny angels with beauty, he forgot to stop!
We wish the two adorable sisters a joyful childhood full of games, play, and irresponsibility!
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