I’m floating on a piece of watermelon! nаked Liz starred in the pool

I’m floating on a piece of watermelon! nаked Liz starred in the pool

The actress shared a provocative video. Elizabeth Hurley decided to swim without clothes.

The star of the movie “The Rascals” is in great shape. The 58-year-old actress boasts a slim figure and youthful skin. Elizabeth is happy to demonstrate herself in all its glory.

Today, Hurley posted a video where she appeared completely nаked. She was relaxing in the pool near the house. Hurley decided to sunbathe right in the water – she climbed onto a watermelon-shaped water mattress.

The artist was lying on her stomach, smiling coquettishly and shaking her leg. Former lover Hugh Grant let her hair down and put on sunglasses. “I’m just floating on a piece of watermelon,” she signed the provocative footage.

Elizabeth’s fans showered her with compliments. “She is 58 years old?! It can’t be”, “Forever young and beautiful Liz”, “This is a figure, endless legs,” the bloggers said.

The English actress and model is raising her son, who is now 21. Hurley gave birth to Damian from American billionaire Steve Bing. The businessman refused to acknowledge paternity, then the actress made a DNA text. The entrepreneur paid alimony to her, but did not communicate with the boy.

Now the young man is building a successful modeling career. Photographers drew attention to Damian early, as he inherited his bright appearance from his mother. In addition, the son of Hurley tries himself in the cinema.

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